Top Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest in Today

top mobile app ideas

Our smartphone contains mobile applications to work faster. Technology has made our lives so easy and versatile that we can do what we love without wasting time in unwanted areas. The endless opportunities in the tech world have given us many mobile app ideas to invest in.

The market analysis can show you the popularity of mobile apps. The total revenue in the App market is expected to reach US$430.90 billion by the end of the year 2022.

Some of The Top Mobile App Idea

1. On-Demand Medicine Delivery Mobile App Idea

When everything is available with the tap of your finger, it becomes necessary to receive essential services within a few minutes. The on-demand medicine delivery app is one of those essential services which delivers vital health drugs to your doorstep. The on-demand medicine delivery app requires you to register on the app, select prescribed medicine or upload prescriptions, order them and pay online.

2. ML & AI Empowered Health Mobile App Idea

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have revolutionized the healthcare and wellness industry. Users can track their health data anytime. The ML & AI empowered health apps can track a person’s fitness, provide detailed reports and suggest steps. The health reports include sugar levels, fat indicators, blood pressure measurements, etc. Users can also talk to experts through the fitness app.

3. Meditation/Yoga App Mobile App Idea

Meditation/yoga app is necessary to detach yourself from this fast-paced modern world and relish the few moments of peace of mind alone. The meditation/yoga app helps users to relax the muscles, ease the tension in the body with soothing music, play melodies according to their moods, and suggest yoga postures to release the tension from the body. These yoga apps help people rejuvenate and enjoy life.

4. NFT Marketplace Development Mobile App Idea

Blockchain technology is not a foreign concept for people. People are looking for a better investment platform in the NFT marketplace. The non-fungible token has become a vast platform. You can develop an app that helps people understand the concepts easily and invest quickly.

5. Investment Mobile App Idea

Now people are moving towards safe and encrypted investment mobile apps. You can develop a finance app that will help people easily understand the basics of investment terms, help them plan their portfolios, and provide the knowledge to make wise decisions. An investment app in the finance industry that guarantees data security will be a bonus.

6. Inventory Tracking Mobile App Idea

As startups and businesses grow, people need a tracking system to save time and receive all the facilities at a minimum budget. A technology-infused inventory tracking app will do everything for you. You can store all the data in the app; it will keep your warehouse details, product list, real-time inventory tracking, and more. The built-in camera will help you keep an eye on the warehouse items anytime you want.

7. AR-Based Real Estate App

Over the last few years, the real estate industry has evolved tremendously. People are investing in real estate more. An AR-based real estate app will help you observe and analyze the property from the comfort of your home. You can visit far-away real estate properties anytime with just a few clicks.

8. Bill Management App

Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep track of all your bills. It’s common to forget specific bills in a hurry or on their due day. A bill management app will help you organize all your bills, remind you of the last date, help you manage your finances, make payments on time, and keep track of your expenses.

9. On-Demand Car Wash App

The on-demand car wash app will help you clean yours from the inside out. You don’t need to take it to the shop, wait in line, pay at the counter and wait till it gets cleaned before reaching home. An on-demand car wash app will help users do this within a few minutes. Users can place requests on the app, track their car wash service, and pay online.

10. Handyman Service App

Whether cleaning services, electrician requirements, home painting, plumbing, or renovation services, an on-demand handyman service app does it all. You can hire skilled professionals to work for you, deliver the best services in just a few clicks, and get paid fairly and online. Handyman services are in high demand as more people want to enjoy quick services with just a few clicks.

11. Home Security App

Don’t you feel anxious every time you are away, and there is no one at home, or there are kids alone? A technology-packed home security app will curb all the worries and help users keep a keen eye on their homes. An automatic alarm system, safety tools, smart sensors, and built-in cameras are a few attributes that will make users love your app.

12. Swipe & Go eCommerce App

In the modern world, technology has asserted its dominance in every area. Recently Amazon has released a new concept of grocery shopping. People now don’t need to wait in line for the grocery. The swipe-and-go ecommerce app will help you quickly select groceries, and the shelf sensors will scan them. Your phone app will take care of the bill on the way out.

13. An AR-Based Interior Design App

An AR-based interior design app will help you design your home and give you an idea of how it will look. With so many home designing options, people need budget-friendly options, and interior designers are expensive in most cases. The app will help you visualize the design and help you pick the right home-designing products and accessories according to your liking.

14. Hair Colouring Assistance App

It helps you choose the right hair color using various in-app features. A detection tool examines the hair & face structure and shows many virtual hair color patterns. It can give you an idea of how you will look with certain hair colors or shades. If being a hairstylist or beautician, you want to take advantage of this application in your business, and you can simply incorporate this feature or functionality into your beauty salon app.

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Some of the best hair coloring assistance apps are

  • YouCam Makeup
  • MakeupPlus
  • Facetune2
  • Hairstyle Try-On


It is safe to say that the future is bright for those ready to invest in technology today. The new technological advancements have opened the doors to endless possibilities. A thorough market research will keep you updated with the latest technological advancements. The on-demand services are becoming popular and will grow exponentially in the future. People are more inclined towards technology to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Ensure your mobile app development company keeps the users’ safety and comfort in mind while developing any mobile application.

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