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Banggood is the world’s leading direct-to-consumer online retailer. The company was established in 2006 in Guangzhou, and it currently has more than 66 million registered users. Banngod global reach includes North America, Europe, the Asian Pacific, South America, and the Middle East.

According to App Annie, a reputable app analytics platform, Banggood APP will become one of Europe’s most downloaded shopping apps in 2021. Banggood has grown to offer up to 30 categories and 1,000,000 high-quality products, ranging from consumer electronics to home appliances, tools, sports equipment, and clothing. The company’s reliable suppliers now number over 100,000.

In addition, Banngod is committed to enhancing its customer service to provide a 7/24 professional service to its customers. This commitment includes the establishment of a logistics and fulfillment system.

Past Of Banggood

History of banggood is very interesting, charming and full of development phases.

What Are The Core Pillars Of Banngod?

These are the core pillars of banggood on which huge company based in USA.

The Chain Of Supply In Banggood

The streamlined supply chain used by Banggood procures products by purchasing them directly from carefully chosen manufacturers and maintaining close relationships with more than 3,000 reputable brands.

Fulfillment & Logistics Of Banngod

We can expeditiously deliver your orders thanks to our well-developed logistics system, 37 warehouses worldwide, and partnerships with international shipping companies.

Payment System

Your purchase on Banggood is safe, secure, and convenient no matter which of the more than 40 different payment methods (including Cash on Delivery and Credit Card) you choose to use.

Assistance to Customers

To ensure that you are well taken care of, Banggood provides professional customer service in various languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Thai, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, and Arabic.

Consumer Insights

Banngod makes a concerted effort to ensure the satisfaction of its customers by investing in the establishment of new relationships through the use of its various platforms. This is accomplished by delivering a shopping experience that is both convenient and kind.

Footprint Of Banggood

Banggood is expanding its global footprint and delivering engaging experiences unique to each user.

Mission & Vision Of Banngod

Banggood provide Customers with the highest quality goods and the most professional service possible. The primary focus should be on developing value for customers. Develop into the world’s preeminent e-commerce platform.

Why We Choose Banggood?

How To Monitor Orders Placed With Banggood/Banngod?

After receiving payment for your Banggood order, the seller will prepare your goods for shipping and then give them to the shipping company (whether the post office or a courier) to deliver your purchase. It would help if you remembered that the shipment’s tracking number is not the same as the order number.

The order numbers for items purchased on Banngod typically consist of nine digits, such as 27413756 and 33139437. Outside of the Banggood mobile app or website, there is no other place where you can track your goods using the order number alone. You will need to look for the shipment tracking number on the order page to be able to track the parcel.

Tracking Number Of Banngod

F70518170502001N, 460311220029, 69026559945, RS825444934NL, LM335952985CN, HKAJD1126347556081, and CNAQHAL651707200771 The postal or courier company that will deliver your order determines the specific format of the tracking number that will provide to you.

The four most common delivery services for orders placed with Banggood are Flyt Express, S.F. Express, China Post, and EMS. DHL eCommerce, China Post, the Netherlands Post, and Sweden Post are the other postal services. Asking questions on the Banngod customer support forum, where Banggood support staff quickly responds to all questions regarding the delivery of your order, is the best thing to do if you have problems with the order.

You can easily keep track of your packages, their location, and the delivery status by storing the tracking number in the Parcels app. This will prevent you from becoming confused about where to track your parcel from Banggood.

Suppose you have a tracking number that was provided to you by a Banngod seller. In that case, you can quickly determine the location of your order by entering that number into the search box above.

Tracking Of Direct Mail Sent By European Railways

European Railway Direct Mail is a new shipping option on Banggood and is relatively inexpensive. There may be a delay in delivery of up to ninety days.

Keeping Track Of European Direct Mail

Flyt Express is the carrier that most frequently transports packages from Banngod to Europe; once the packages have arrived in Europe, GLS is the company that transports them to their final destination.

When GLS receives information about a shipment, it will display the tracking statuses listed below: The information regarding the parcel was entered into the GLS system but had not yet been given the actual parcel to GLS.

What Are The actual Time Frames Involved With European Direct Mail?

When we consider the relatively low price of a few euros and the typical delivery time, European Direct Mail provides a service guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The product shipment you have purchased from China typically takes between 7 and 15 working days to arrive at your homes.

In exceptional circumstances such as this one, it might extend the waiting period to a little more or even up to 20 working days.

Tracking Of The E.U. Priority Line

EU Priority Line is Banggood’s brand-new shipment method that bypasses customs altogether! Your package will be sent with either GLS or Post NL by Banngod.

E.U. Priority Line shipments do not incur any customs fees because the merchant is responsible for paying these costs before the item is shipped to the customer.

Monitoring The Delivery Of Priority Direct Mail

Priority Direct Mail is an umbrella term that refers to various shipping companies that Banggood utilizes to deliver packages throughout most of Europe. It requires you to send your purchases using various postal companies such as PostNL, China EMS ePacket, DHL Global Mail, and so on.

Tracking India Postal Communication Coming From China

When you choose India Direct Mail as your shipping method, Banggood will work with AllJoy Logistics to fulfill your order. All of your purchases from Banggod, whether they are being shipped by AllJoy or any other express or postal company, can be tracked with the help of our services quickly and conveniently.

Keeping An Eye On Mail Sent Directly To Brazil From China

When you purchase on Banggood using Brazil Direct Mail as one of the shipping methods, it has been mentioned that the company prefers AllJoy Logistics over other delivery methods.

What is Banggood Partnership Program And How To Avail?

At this time Banngod/Banggood offer three types of partnership program to earn healthy income.

Affiliate Program Of Banngod

Are you looking for a way to increase your income? Earn Money Quickly And Easily! The Banggood Affiliate program is the company’s in-house affiliate marketing initiative.

By directing traffic to our website, we will assist content creators, publishers, and bloggers in increasing the amount of money they make.

How Does It Come Into Effect?

Why Choosing Banggood?

How Does One Sign Up For The Affiliate Program?

Using referral links, you and your audience can share coupons, banners, and items from banggood with one another. After a successful purchase, you will earn a reward.

How Exactly Can I Make Money With This Program?

You can increase the amount of money you make by directing people to visit our website. Your affiliate commission will be calculated and paid out proportionally, based on the number of valid orders you have placed.

Fashion Blogger Program Of Banggood

Banggood Dropshipping Of Banngod Products

We make it much easier for you to launch a successful dropshipping business on your own with our assistance.

How To Dropship?

  • The Process of Registration and Publication
  • Include products from Banggood on your website.
  • Solicit purchases from your existing customers.
  • Banggood should receive the orders at this time.
  • Your customers’ orders will be shipped out shortly.
  • Put aside the difference in price as profits.

What Are The Benefits Of Banngod Dropshipping?

Dropship API System

System of the Shopify API

Any drop shipper who operates a Shopify store has access to a valuable resource like the Shopify API.
There is no charge. You can find qualified products to sell online with the help of Shopify’s Application Programming Interface (API), easily list the product on your store, and we will handle the order shipment, etc.

API System for eBay

If you want to sell our products on eBay, this is undoubtedly the most effective tool for you. You won’t need to spend any additional time or effort thanks to eBay’s Management Center, which will assist you in better managing the product stock availability as well as each order.

Banggood API System

The Banngod API enables a specialized connection to be established with your company, vastly improving automation, the flow of information, and the quality of service provided to customers. At this time, we are providing the API without charging any fees whatsoever.

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